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Color Combining and Mixing for Senegence Lipsense Mix Combo

lipsense color chart

LipSense Color Combining & Mixing

It has been really hard to find new favorite Lipsense colors since Senegence discontinued so many colors without warning. We totally understand and feel the frustration.

Many clients have been experimenting with mixing LipSense colors in layers to create their perfect color! 
Sometimes they even find one they like better! 
Please let us know if you find a good color combo that works in place of a retired color. We plan to feature blog posts on as many retired colors as we can to help.

Here are some tips and pics to help with the process of either re-creating a color or find something similar.

LipSense is easy to mix colors because it goes on in layers as a part of the application process.
The First layer is a light version of the color in the tube.
The color deepens with the second layer.
It takes 3 Layers of the same color to get the color of the tube.
Switch out layers for different colors to create new colors.

Example Color Combo/Mix chart:

lipsense color combo mix
• If you don't like frost or shimmer then layer it first and under a matte color.
• Some Lipsense colors are more sheer and some are more opaque. Keep this in mind when deciding what order to layer.
• Layering Neutrals under Brighter or Darker colors will soften or lighten them.
   Some Neutrals include: Fire Opal, Bombshell, Cappuccino, Nude, Beige Champagne
• Changing the order of the layerings will also change the color outcome.
Such as, (Caramel Apple + Bombshell + Bombshell) would be much lighter than (Bombshell + Caramel Apple + Caramel Apple). *see chart above
• Some people prefer to pre-mix the colors on a paper plate and then apply.


lipsense by senegence
lipsense combo lipsense combo
lipsense combo lipsense combo
lipsense combo lipsense combo
lipsense combo lipsense combo
lipsense combo lipsense combo


Here are some possible color combinations to help recreate a retired LipSense color. These are just suggestions and have not yet been tested or confirmed!

lipsense neutral
: Try Layering a Deep Wine color like either Mulled Wine, Plum, Napa or Lexie Beary with a Brighter Pinker Color like either B.Ruby, Fire-n-Ice or Plumeria

lipsense fuscia
FUSCIA: Combine any of these together Fire-N-Ice, Kiss for a Cause, Strawberry Shortcake, Plumeria

lipsense red cherry
RED CHERRY: Layer under either Blu-Red or Fly Girl a warmer or browner color like either Nude, Hazelnut, Nutmeg or Cocoa

: Layer something with Cocoa. Try Cocoa with either Fly Girl, Persimmon or Nutmeg.

lipsense berry
: Similar colors include Lexie BearyNapaPlumMulled WineBRubySheer Berry
Plum mixed with either Napa or Bella or mulled wine might work.
Perhaps any combination of two of these colors: 
Lexie BearyNapaPlumMulled WineBRubySheer Berry, Bella, purple reign
Try mixing 3 colors (Mulled Wine, Bella & Purple reign)

peach lipsense
Persimmon mixed with either Honey Rose or Caramel Latte might work. Perhaps any combination of two of these colors: Persimmon, Samon, Pomegranate, Summer Sunset, She's Apples (limited edition - low stock), Honey Rose, Caramel Latte

SHEER PINK: Try Dark Pink (it's a new slightly lighter formula) or layer a lighter color like Aussie Rose or Sassy z under Dark Pink.

lipsense color chart 2018 2019 by senegence
lipsense color chart

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