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TIPS & TRICKS for Senegence Lipsense!

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Helpful Tips & Tricks!

How to get the most of your Senegence Products like Lipsense and Shadowsense! 

1. How to replace a Lipsense wand tip:

Is the application tip of your lipsense wand worn out and lost its soft fuzziness?

Request a disposable lipsense wand from Lipcraze.com with your next purchase and we will include one with your shipment.

Use pliers to remove the damaged tip from your lipsense wand.

Use pliers to remove the unused new tip from the disposable wand and push into place on the Original Lipsense Wand!

replace lipsense wand tip

2. How to get more out of your tube of Lipsense or Shadowsense:

There is more product at the end of your tube that you can't quite get to, so if you are running out, don't throw it away just yet!

Remove the stopper and you can get that extra bit at the end!

Warning: if you remove the stopper too soon you will get a very messy wand!

senegence lipsense tips and tricks


3. How to get smooth lips! Wear Lip Smooth to bed!

lipsense lip tip at lipcraze.com


4. How to apply mascara evenly! Warm the tube first!

lipcraze lipsense tip mascara


5. How to mix your own Lipsense colors! Use a Mixing Ring and Disposable wand!

how to mix your own lipsense color using mixing ring free at Lipcraze.com



5. How to use Lipsense to make BLUSH!

lipcraze.com senegence lipsense tip

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