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You are welcome to order colors and glosses based off the lipsense color photos provided. 
However, This sight is mostly used for 
RE-ORDERING by people who already use Lipsense and know exactly what colors they love and how to apply them.

Senegence Lipsense on sale at Lipcraze.comLipcraze.com has an ALL SALES FINAL policy!
Please do not order colors you are unfamiliar with and hope to exchange or return them
as we can not comply and still sell at crazy low discount prices. 

If you have any problems PLEASE CONTACT US BY EMAIL ( lipcraze@gmail.com ) and we will help! 
Our customers have been with us for over a decade and they are like family!

If ever you have problems with the website not letting you add items to cart or any other unusual website issues please EMAIL US (lipcraze@gmail.com)
Email us a list of items and we can create an order for you and then email you a link to complete your purchase.

All Colors Layer Well
One good thing about lipsense is the ability to layer colors.
So, if you do have colors you are unhappy with try layering them below colors you do like....
I know many clients who have actually found their favorite color by mixing with colors they thought were unusable.

Lipcraze.com was created over a decade ago for our personal clients and those who no longer have access to their current distributors as many distributors do not stay in business.

If you've never used Lipsense before we highly recommend that you consider finding a distributor in your area and have her show you the colors and demonstrate how to apply Lipsense in person. You would then reward her by purchasing Lipsense from her of course. Finding a reliable and kind Lipsense distributor near you can be of great value when you first start using Lipsense.

https://seneweb.senegence.com/us/contact/find-a-distributor/  can help you in locating a distributor near you, but they only show you distributors who pay Senegence to have websites called Senesites.

  • Try your phone book under cosmetics or salons
    - LipSense has been around for more than a decade.
  • Go to www.Senegence.com
    - Click "Find A Distributor" & enter your zip code.
    - It will only take you to distributors who have a website through Senegence and if you refresh the page you will get more choices that are rotated.


If you don't plan on meeting with a distributor in person, then here are some tips to help you successfully order online here at Lipcraze.com.

Before choosing a color you should research all the lipsense color images available on different websites such as our pinterest page: https://www.pinterest.com/source/lipcrazediscount.com where we have put together a very detailed collection with images from our website. 

*** picture credits: perpetual pucker, senegence, siara martin, lipcraze ***


You must order a Senegence gloss. Gloss is required to put on after the color otherwise your lips will stick together. Using other brands of glosses will not only leave your lips very dry but also could either take off the color or lower the staying power and amount of time your lipcolor will last. (eating oily foods will also decrease staying power)

Before you apply Lipsense read the instructions on how to apply. Don't just wing it the first time. You really need to plan to wear lipsense for at least a few hours before trying to take it all the way off. erasing small problems is easy with oops remover. However, removing the entire color is quite difficult within the first hour.

Once you use Lipsense it gets really easy but the first time can be tricky and confusing so please read these application instructions and watch the application video at 


  • LipSense must be applied to clean, dry lips.
  • Before applying the lip color, for a more defined, finished look, you could use LinerSense lipliner.
  • LipSense & LinerSense need to be shaken horizontally prior to application.
  • LipSense is applied by using a layering technique.
  • Follow the natural shape of the lips, starting at the corner of the mouth.
    - With one continual stroke that goes in one direction, apply one layer of color to the bottom lip, then one layer of color to the top lip.
    - dip your wand in the color between each lip and before each layer
  • Let it dry completely for proceeding to the next layer. 
    - By the time you have finished applying the layer to one lip the other lip will be dry and ready for a second coat.
    - It is not recommended to apply more than three layers of color. However, three layers provide the most staying power.
  • If your lips are dry or chapped, you may experience a tingling sensation. This sensation will cease upon the application of the Moisturizing Gloss, and will subside completely after a few days of using the product.
  • Between each layer of color, DO NOT PRESS THE LIPS TOGETHER. You may press the lips together once the Moisturizing Gloss has been applied to the last layer of lip color. Wait ten second before applying the gloss to the last layer of lipcolor.
  • Clean Lips
  • Shake Color
  • Apply 3 Layers to each lip
    - Only go one direction with one continual stroke per lip
    - Let dry between layers
  • Count to 10, then apply Gloss
    - Don't touch lips together until gloss is applied!
Return Policy
  • Lipcraze.com does not guarantee the return or exchange of any items.
  • Operating at a discount requires an ALL SALE FINAL policy
  • Please let me know by email (lipcraze@gmail.com) if you have any problems and I will always respond in a timely manner.
  • Lipcraze.com does not sell testers or any product that is not brand new and direct from the manufacturer.
  • I send all packages with Delivery Confirmation to ensure that they arrive. Please make sure you have typed your address correctly. You are responsible for your own typos.
  • I recommend using this website for re-orders only. If you know exactly what color you want then order with confidence. If you have never seen the color in person please note that colors vary between monitors and Printed Brochures do not provide accurate color representation either.
  • LipSense Bottles are a 3 month supply if you wore it every day at its maximum staying power which is 3 coats.
  • Oops is for corrections and removal after at least 6hrs. 
    - If you try to remove Lipsense within the first hour it is very difficult and could cause chapped lips.
  • When Trying a new lipsense color plan on wearing it for at least three-four hours even if you don't like the color.
  • The first time you try Lipsense it can tingle and even almost feel like it is burning. 
    - This is because your lips are dry.
    - It will stop burning once you have finished the application and applied the moisturizing gloss.
    - After you have used the Gloss for a day or two you will rarely ever experience the burning again.
  • The reason Lipsense ever comes off is because your Lips exfoliate. Usually every 8 - 10 hours or so.
    - Because Lipsense only adheres to your top layer of skin it comes off when your lips exfoliate & does not damage the under lying layers.
    - The Gloss has shae butter that penetrates several layers down actually making your lips healthier.
    - The more moisturized your lips are the longer it will take your lips to exfoliate.
    - Thus your Lipsense will last longer if you keep your lips moist with gloss.
  • Can I combine colors?
    Definitely. This is one of the benefits of the three layer application. You can use any of the colors to come up with various new shades to best suit you. Some colors lend themselves to applying over others, mostly used for this are Pink and Gold Champagne.
  • Why do I notice a tingling sensation when I put on the Lipsense lipcolor?
    You have dry lips! Those without dry lips do not notice the tingling sensation. Dry lips are caused by repeated use of wax and paraffin based lipsticks, which by their nature can cause dry lip tissue. You can eliminate this be conditioning the lips for a few days and not using any wax based products. Once you use the Lipsense and the Lipsense moisture gloss on a regular basis the dry lips will be gone forever.
  • Is the Lipsense lip color FDA approved?
    The FDA does not approve any products. The FDA does however, approve the ingredients in various products, and the ingredients in Lipsense are FDA approved.
  • How long will Lipsense last?
    The length of time the color will last on anyone varies depending on several factors, one of which is body chemistry. Most women will find the color will last all day, when reapplying the gloss throughout the day.
  • Why should I purchase the whole set?
    As a person eats and drinks, the gloss comes off and needs to be reapplied a few times during the day to keep the color renewed and increase it’s staying power. If you are using the product properly you will see that the color will last all day long.
    You never know when you might need the oops remover so it is wise to purchase at least one oops the first time you try Lipsense. Your oops will last you a very long time. 
  • What happens if I should spill the lip color on my clothes?
    The color is easily removed by having the item dry-cleaned. 

  • Do other brand glosses work well over LipSense?
    No!! I would not recommend using any other brands of lip gloss over lipsense besides Senegence Products if you want staying power.