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EyeLuminator under eye brightening cream

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I do not heavily stock this item so it does often go on backorder, although I do order it at least once a month to ensure stock is fresh 


EyeLuminator™ is a radiant under eye brightener and eye area highlighter with the skin-correcting ingredients of clinically proven EyeCrème.

With finely milled luminescent mica and pigments, EyeLuminator provides sheer color coverage to under eyes and beautifully highlights the entire eye area.

It’s the perfect solution for adding overall brightness, and subtle coverage to under eye dullness and discoloration.

Best of all? EyeLuminator boasts EyeCrème’s powerhouse skin-correcting formula. EyeCrème successfully reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It simultaneously calms irritation, redness, and puffiness, and deeply hydrates the uniquely delicate skin around the eyes.

Let EyeLuminator work for you while providing luminous, lightweight coverage!

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