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EyeSense Eye Liner LIQUID PEN

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New! EyeSense Liquid Eye Liner PEN (Black)

New Pen version!!!

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Transform your eye makeup look by effortlessly creating crisp, flawless eye liner shapes that last all day.

  • Revolutionary liquid formula is waterproof, smear-proof and budge proof
  • New calligraphy style pen – can be applied thick or thin
  • Made of a combination of effective ingredients for smooth application and maximum performance



INSTRUCTIONS: Eyesense Liquid Eye Liner

Shake first.

Before applying to the eyes, gently blow onto the tip of the brush for approximately three to five seconds. Blowing on the tip aids in the evaporation of the liquid ingredient and allows for quick drying.
Don't skip this step if your eyes are sensitive! Applying eyesense while it's very wet can cause your eyes to want to water. That feeling goes away once it drys. If you blow on the tip first you won't have a problem :)

Begin to apply the color, starting with the top lid at the inside corner of the eye;
with one continuous stroke, line in one direction towards the outer corner.
Eyesense is similar to lipsense in that it will clump up if you try to go the other direction (back and forth) instead of one direction in one stroke.
Let it dry between strokes.

On lower lashes - place brush on skin underneath the eyelashes and move the color in one direction. If you desire a fine line, lightly touch the brush to the skin around the eye. For a thicker more defined look, press firmly. EyeSense shades are removed by using liquid Fooops!® SenseCosmetics Color Remover.

Special Order Senegence

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