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HairCovery Conditioner

HairCovery Conditioner

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HairCovery™ Moisturizing & Shine Enhancing Conditioner with UV Color Protection With SenePlex+TM and SenePeptideTM

SeneGence HairCoveryTM Moisturizing & Shine Enhancing Conditioner with UV Color Protection is formulated to protect and revitalize hair while also helping to improve hair texture, moisture, and shine.

  • Formulated with botanicals, peptides, and vitamins to infuse deep moisture and shine into hair strands. 
  • Rescues dry and brittle hair without weighing it down.
  • Key volumizing ingredient CapixylTM improves hair growth cycle to help enhance hair density.

    The Science Behind the Product

    SeneGence HairCovery Conditioner is formulated with botanicals, peptides and vitamins to infuse deep moisture and shine into hair strands.

    One of the key volumizing ingredients, CapixylTM, which is comprised of a combination of ingredients, including red clover flower extract, improves the hair growth cycle by stimulating the hair follicle regeneration process to activate hair growth, and reduces the hair follicle miniaturization process to limit hair loss. Capixyl acts simultaneously on the main disturbances of hair metabolism to help enhance hair density and reveal thicker, healthier hair.

    Also formulated with ChromaveilTM, comprised of Quaternium-95 (and) Propanediol, which helps to protect against UV rays and protect hair color from fading due to sun exposure. It is known that UV irradiation causes hair color fading however, after 15 days of UV exposure, medium auburn dyed tresses treated with 1.5% active Chromaveil experienced a smaller total change in color, providing better color retention than the conditioner with no UV absorbers.

    Hydrolized Rice Protein nourishes hair from root to tip helping to fortify hair to prevent damage and improve volume. Conditioning, moisturizing and shine enhancing ingredients like Aloe Vera and Glycerine, also promote glossy, softer hair. Formulated with proprietary SenePeptide, this conditioner helps to enhance hair density due to the power of isolated peptides that causes increased keratin production. Proprietary SenePlex+ Complex increases follicular activity, which aids to improve hair strength.

    HairCovery Conditioner is:

    • Gluten-free
    • Animal by-product-free
    • Paraben-free
    • Phthalate-free
    • Sulfate-free

    Key Ingredients and Benefits

    SenePlex Complex+ : Kinetic enzyme that increases cellular renewal. In hair, this increases follicular activity.

    SenePeptides: Stimulates hair growth.

    CapixylTM (Butylene Glycol (and) Water (and) Dextran (and) Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 (and) Trifolium Pratense (Clover) Flower Extract): Synergistic combination of biomimetic peptide with red clover flower extract rich in Biochanin A, which stimulates the hair follicle regeneration process and reduces the hair follicle miniaturization process to provide fuller, thicker and healthier hair.

    Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe Vera): Most known for moisturizing, soothing, and healing. Recent studies indicate that Aloe Vera gel has the ability to enhance and accelerate cellular growth.

    Glycerin: A humectant that provides and retains moisture in hair.

    Hydrolyzed Rice Protein: A grain protein that has both skincare and haircare benefits. In haircare, it helps to fortify hair to prevent damage and improves volume.

    Orchis Morio (Orchid) Flower Extract: A plant native to the South Pacific, which has long been a source of excellence for the preparation of emollient products. This powerful anti-oxidant provides free-radical protection and maximum moisturization. The orchid extract is very effective as a sunscreen.

    Jojoba Esters: Jojoba Esters, made from 100% Pure Natural Jojoba are odorless and biodegradable cosmetic ingredients. Jojoba provides protection from the environment and adds moisture control.

    Phenoxyethanol: An oily liquid used as a bactericide and topical antiseptic.

    Butylene Glycol: A humectant that retains scent and preserves against spoilage.


      Following cleansing with SeneGence HairCovery Shampoo, massage Conditioner into wet hair from root to tip and leave in for 3 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.


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